COVID-19 Updates for Reopening of PGIA

Belize has set a global example with its handling of COVID-19. This has allowed us to live relatively normal lives compared with the rest of the hemisphere. Our parks are filled with children, local tourism has seen an increase and families can enjoy a meal together at a restaurant with minimal restrictions. That being said, the Philip Goldson International Airport is set to open on August 15th and many Belizeans are rightfully concerned about a potential second wave of infections. Remaining vigilant and educated is important as this date approaches. In this article we will review the latest information on the transmission, prevention and treatment for COVID-19.

This information is accurate to the date of publication. It is key to remember that information is constantly updating, and the experts may change their perspectives based on new evidence. This is a good thing. A shift in opinion due to new information is not meant to deceive but rather to educate based on evidence. Science appear to lag, especially in pressing matters pertaining to COVID-19 (after all, all we want are answers), but gathering solid data requires time. I myself have had to bite my tongue on a few issues because, at the time, the information was not complete. It is through the scientific method that we elucidate truth.